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Kelen's Dagger of Escape

    Sad to say but I am a victim of the cap. I am not a forum reader before. I started to read forums after I got the max calibration. Before, i got an account and i calibrated it @4.3 solo and party (medals not yet existing) and before that, i didnt know that theres such thing as MMR capping or maybe that time capping is not yet existing.

    I created this account hoping ill get 5k Mmr, i trust in my gameplay and yes I got 5k estimated, and all was in VHS in normal matches. When i played my very first tbd match, every player was Divine 2 to Divine 5. But after that first match, all remaing 9 matches was all Legends. And yes, after tbd I got 3.5k mmr cap.

    BUT, after playing some matches i got DIVINE [2] suddenly but, my mmr remains @3.5k mmr. You can check my profile. Divine 2 in High Skill bracket.



      If you're a real divine player breezing thru legend with 90% winrate should be ez


        oh no, so unfair, damn, man feelsbad (kappa, no one cares)


          50% flat winrate divine player in legend bracket :bc_eyes::bc_ok:


            Y'all think all Legend players are too good? Even if his medal is divine but with shtty teammates, you will have a hard time winning in Legends though youre a Divine


              ^non sense, a divine will stomp through legends with at least 60% win rate


                Another sub 50% winrate player who think their team hold them back :smile:


                  Btw thats that star thing next to his name??


                    Btw thats that star thing next to his name??


                      it means he is better than you xD

                      Kelen's Dagger of Escape

                        Feels bad man


                          i am barely winning vs legends

                          carry water

                            ive willingly climbed from 3.5 to 5k 3 times, if you have what it takes itll be tedious at the worst

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                              How come you're not stomping 3ks? Lol. Looks like you belong honestly

                              Mom i Miss You

                                Its a mismatch of data/limit.Cap calibration ia 3.5kmmr but system reads your data in Divine bracket.Send this sample to Valve so they can work on correcting the system.


                                  There's a thing. If they put calibration cap on all accs to be 3.5k from the beginning it would be very legit. But people mass created smurfs that were 5k while being 3k skill and also acc sellers did that, too. So mmr got inflated over a certain value. But seasons over-time will at least try to fix this and make 3.5k mean something again.

                                  For example in league of legends you also have a calibration cap at platinum which is like what, top 10-15% of players? That's what it was when Valve released ranked games.


                                    i'll stop going around saying your a victim of the cap until you actually perform better lmao (stats don't lie).

                                    More like your a beneficiary of the cap. They awarded u a divine 2 for legend playing skill, be happy man celebrate!


                                      In my smurf account i have 4200 mmr but Ancient 5 stars lol for some reason


                                        its ez to climb if u one step a head from ur bracket maintain at least 70% winrate is easy


                                          Dude ur account is old


                                            Okay. Just. Lets list some things you can be a victim of.


                                            MMR Calibration cap? Ehh, not sure if I'd go as far as to say you've been victimized.


                                              Divine 2 with legends. good stuff right there valve. You guys this account will be a victim of the 3.5k cap? I honestly don't think I should be much higher anyways.


                                                I feel u bruh, my smurf was like 3 games awaay from calibration when the cap came in. From Divine games to Legend. Feelbadman