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    Hours played - 1754
    MMR- 1300
    What is wrong with me?
    I admit I dont like playing support a lot and cant resist myself to pick any other hero when Anti Mage is not banned.
    I am 15 years old and have to give time to studies so I dont feel practicing a hero within the 2-3 hours a day which I hardly get.
    I want to play Dota more enjoyable and with spirit in the game.... and not tinker and invo both shouting 'ako mid' .
    I reached suprisingly from 900 to 1600 mmr in 2 weeks in november , but have been drastically failing (and falling) since then.

    I will appreciate any suggestion.

    Positivity Spreader

      Just look at my winrate and my heroes winrate. Cheers.
      Also subscription to dOtA pLUs might help.

      a god among feeders

        stop spamming antimage it's a coin toss in ur bracket
        You have great winrate with bloodcyka and wind, who's pretty versatile.
        Spam them and you will cimb easily.

        a god among feeders

          And stop buying shadowblade on AM dear god, he already has a ludicrous escape
          He's an insane splitpusher, buy wards near enemy towers and switch treads->agility into manta and eto gg
          Like that 3v5

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          Potato Marshal

            If you are legitimately stuck in 1k, start by assuming that you're completely braindead and know nothing about the game, then follow guides on everything, from skill builds to item builds. You buy shadowblades and max out manaburn first on AM despite him being your most played hero.

            You are worse than a new player who knows nothing, you are a player who learned everything wrong and refuses to acknowledge it or change. You will be better off re-learning everything from scratch.


              cool cool shadow blade is for bs and jugg clinkz with early orchid , it works fine too. i can take parts in fight early and... my bracket is not professionals so that can 4v5 and i can farm or push. I have played 300 am matches I know bf is best but can keep up with op enemies(in my level)

              its true i dont like following common builds..

              hope one day my build may become meta(dont take seriously)

              i am totally against dota plus which is like pay to win... further in country like india i am getting to play on computer is more than enough... 'subscription' ...LOL

              though i found good points... i ll be like start again

              Potato Marshal

                If your builds worked, you wouldn't have made this thread. I don't even understand your logic with sb, like somehow it counters bs, jugg, and clinkz?

                a god among feeders

                  shadowblade against bs? blink into tree and tp lmao, most of your potato bracket bloodcykers never buy eul and go s&y or blade mail.
                  orchid can be dispelled with manta


                    potato teammtes dont ward , bs ults out of no where..... i even used to make bm(bm blink salve blink) to counter before before 1k .. but after wards they got more agressive and would try to break my farm before i can make any items.

                    Shadow Blade:
                    blood seeker: ult ... he wouldnt(in my bracket) carry dust for me i ll use shadow blade and stand their like a statue when he ults
                    juggernaut: great way to waste his ult... i figured i die while even trying to blink since it takes pressing key then setting target and it has a little cast point
                    clinkz : simply made becoz mid was feeding like anything i realized he would make orchid before i can make manta.

                    BTW i dont want discussions for anti mage (though i loved it). I hear 'noob am' almost every match.


                      What people here is trying to say is that, Antimage is shit, it needs fuckton of farm until its useful and your use is mainly splitpushing not team fighting, pick something that turns on earlier and tis not that farm dependent.

                      Also dont bother with dotaplus, my mate got it, its just a glorified default itembuilding guide that you get for free ingame, its good for cosmetic sets and to have fun with hero challenges, who knows how many games will be ruined because someone went for a hero challenge instead of game objective...


                        Dude if you're 15 and Indian stop playing games and start your IIT coaching before your parents beat your ass, you don't want Sharmaji ka beta doing better than you, do you?

                        SICKO MODE

                          I would not recommend you to read this thread.

                          Zechs Merquise

                            HAHAHAHAH TOO LATE TRIBO.

                            I started luling once the AM ShadowBlade dicussion started

                            SICKO MODE

                              What is this aaaaa
                              Shadow Blade Sven ...
                              Shadow Blade Anti-Mage...
                              I am really concerned about these guys.


                                Learn how to lane well (search for guides, 1v1 people in higher MMR) . Winning your lane is a big step to win the game. dominating it is usually an auto win. That's why I suggest you don't pick AM.

                                AM is a very difficult hero to play. not because he has any difficult spells or anything, anyone can get a Bfury and jump from camp to camp. but it requires a heavy game knowledge to be able to push through a losing game, which is usually the case if you're an Antimage because he just doesn't do shit.
                                let me break it down for you

                                -In higher MMR games, When there's an AM, there are supports who make sure he wins his lane(like trilanes, or strong zone out heroes). in your bracket supports are just there to leech XP. And you never get a trilane.
                                -In higher MMR games, even if they're trying to gank the AM or if lane is pressured, he can just TP to other lanes and farm there. in your bracket you can't because you will get pinged and reported for farming their lane.
                                -They always try to draft a space creator with an Antimage, making sure he has enough space and time to come online (like QOP).

                                There is only one pro side, It's shit MMR meaning people don't push so games don't end early at all (and they throw) so no matter how shit you start you can always get back. People are also pretty stupid when it comes to your split pushing (I hear even in way higher brackets its the same)
                                so assuming your other lanes will not go well, you can either pick AM and be evasive and challenge your brain to find ways to split push and dodge ganks, or you can just pick a strong laner and enjoy dota.

                                Heroes recommended: Jug, Void, Viper, PA

                                TLDR: Start learning how to lane well, then learn other gameplays. but first win your lane.

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                                  Shadow Blade on everyone
                                  Even Riki

                                  SICKO MODE

                                    Silver Edge on riki lol never forgetii

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                                      And Vandal literally said everything


                                        atleast i am happy that i am doing bttr than sharmaji ka beta

                                        the only heroes i know how to lane are nyx am shaman pango and wind
                                        others depend upon harrass level of enemies.
                                        i played slardar ck and shaman today but problem is that i cant do much ... my score was disgusting, though we won becoz of legend player in the team T^T.
                                        maybe have deduct time playing in order to look at guides

                                        ty vandal... all to the point


                                          Pay no attention to mmr elitist who for lack of experience playing in Guardian bracket, make absurd and unhelpful comments (usually on item builds). Your logic is sound and if it helps you deal with the problems, you are on the right track. Shadow blade am is not unsound.

                                          I think what some people mean to say is that yes, while Sb solves one problem, it may create other problems that we are not so aware of. Just identify every problem and see if there's one solution that can solve all the problems collectively.

                                          E.g., buying shadowblade solves one problem of being initiated on. but think if you are the carry and your team is relying on you, and you will have no Dps and farm, maybe you need battlefury first. Or maybe you can find an alternative solution to the bloodseeker problem so that you can simultaneously solve your other problems? Eg as a carry you need dps. Maybe if you rush Daedalus you can manfight bloodseeker when he rupture you, and kill him? Instead of running you stay and fight. And then you also have a strong item and not a weak one. 2 bird with one stone :)

                                          Coach Steve

                                            ^never ever listen to HanYolo. but funny as always han! :-D

                                            op: maybe just get the custom game "polygon" there you can train to manta dodge and stuff... just get better at mechanics and map awarenes (also try to play support so you know what your carry wants the support to do and therefore improve your laning)

                                            👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                              @HanYolo how can shadow blade save you from initiation?


                                                you get initiated on because you are out of position, you go invis because cores/initiators are less likely to buy detection and they waste their time trying to initiate on you with no followup.

                                                in essence you can play more aggressively with an extra tool to escape.

                                                but what i was really trying to say is that while sb can solve one problem (omnislash/rupture), it may not solve others. hence it may not always be the best choice. but in a vacuum, yes OP is not wrong. people need to think and not bash OP who is quite smart with that idea.

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                                                a god among feeders

                                                  sb is utter shit on AM
                                                  Even naked shadow amulet is a better meme cause you go invis->blink->invis with no cooldown and manacost


                                                    and what the hell would i do with a naked blink?.... let them know i am w8ing for them?

                                                    .how shadow blade saves from initiation ... i have said that already^^ (do keep in mind i am talking with view of low skill players)

                                                    i have lost matches 38-10 as am
                                                    and won against 30- 10 (aprox) juggernaut... but most thrilling is playing against mega creeps(with a target to win)

                                                    item choices are situational... not becoz some pro makes we have to follow( dont take negatively)


                                                      And anti mage was not the reason of discussion( facepalm)


                                                        OP what do i do if i have dual lane and my support is taking my farm in lane?


                                                          dota takes years to learn mate almost all good players start in dota 1 but they are getting lesser bec. of jobs marriage kids etc. just play more if u have time

                                                          Mlada i Luda

                                                            omfg , you know can jsut tp our from rupture right ? am shb jessus how are you even 1k


                                                              i have that much brain to use tp... but tp does nt completely solve it...
                                                              what i have low hp or he has a stunner nearby or eul
                                                              or i just came from my base by tp

                                                              and i tell ya all... i have no problem with antimage playing style.


                                                                Just quit. Makes no sense for you.

                                                                You ask what you do wrong, and people tell you. Then you start getting bitchy, cause you do not want to admit, that you are wrong. You play like complete utter garbge.

                                                                Wanna change that? Watch free available replays of good players and try to copy them.

                                                                Don't wanna change that? Why ask the question?


                                                                You hav 280 cs in a 48 min game.

                                                                Shadowblade is not even a memebuilt on antimage. Shadowblade is for heros that lack initiation. You have the best built in initiationtool allready as AM. Only a blink dagger would be more retarded on antimage.

                                                                Itembuilt is always situational. Sometimes you get abysal after manta, sometimes its a linkens. Its never ever a shadowblade.


                                                                Ppl not knowing the herald bracket, cuz they play above clearly won't have any problem of escaping that bracket with a 70-90% winrate by playing how it should be done.


                                                                Your team does not hold you back. Its you alone.

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                                                                a god among feeders

                                                                  lmao you do like 0 damage to buildings
                                                                  that's the point of AM


                                                                    Hanyolo cracks me up, just made my night lol ty man.


                                                                      300 games as anti mage, im dead