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    I reached Ancient as a support on SEA (well, mostly, especially if I solo queue) after quite some time of playing on and off!

    I hope to continue improving in more things.

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      Gratz, the road to 5k is much harder since there are many toxic people in 4k


        it was in easy journey

        daily dose of dopamine

          At what mmr you got your ancient? Got mine at 3.6k for some reason.

          Dexter ™

            Hi guys I'm back


              You deserve it, Pilot. Congratulations.

              Kill twice in 80 seconds ...

                I've been rolling in 4k for longer than an year
                SEND HELP


                  Congratulation senpai,
                  I tought it cant be done playing as support


                    Gratz man, the trench had been out of my reach for the last 6 months. Makes me try hard playing this shitty game

                    Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                      Im stuck at ancient coz I never play solo mmr.


                        Thanks all, looking forward to getting better!

                        @Vertox: Got it at pretty much the mmr in my profile. The number of solo queue games I've played since they introduced the badges is pretty small I think.

                        @Sasuke: Of course it can. Lots of people get high mmr playing support. Just make sure you know what your job entails (aka not just warding and staying in lane).

                        cool with S4

                          ama how


                            If you really know how to play support, you will climb fast, even faster than playing as carry, because in ancient there are a lot more toxicity than legend bracket, so a good support make bigger difference than lower brackets.


                              imagine cookie making this post

                              cool with S4

                                long paragraph plus + edgy comments = classic cookie post

                                Don't Question What I Play

                                  Nice la!


                                    What mmr is ancient in SEA?

                                    ♏ikeeCS ツ

                                      I become an ancient 0 at around 3,900 and become ancient 4 at around 4,400.
                                      I really dont understand how they decide medals. Confusing.

                                      Support player also.


                                        Well, they really lowered the bar.