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Salt and Pepper

    Tbh I need help to find role to main in. I'm new to this game so I don't really understand what suits me best.

    If you want to know how I like to play, I play very aggressive (typical SEA player ) as trade hits with the enemy owner very often, though often I die due to over aggression.

    I enjoy teamfights ( as league's teamfights were boring but Dota seems pretty cool ) and pulling off plays.

    I don't mind supporting, but I rather queue in party when I party as I'm not always confident in other pub players.

    My farming efficiency is ok, but not great. I enjoy the early game a lot, as SEA players tend to pick crappy owners like AM and spectre. I enjoy especially to be as annoying as possible to the enemy laner.

    Hoping you guys could help me choose me a role and give me a few tips. Cheers.


      Keep it halal brother!

      Salt and Pepper

        It's Ramadan soon so it's the time to keep things as halal as possible.


          Main support role to reduce cancers ty

          Salt and Pepper

            What factors to consider if Im playing supp when playing calibration match.


              i already watch all of your matches
              and after i calculated the math between all of your matches
              you main role is pos 2

              Salt and Pepper

                But i plan on changing roles. So many people contest for mid i might as well give up on fighting for that role.

                cool with S4

                  position 4, or offlane for aggressive boys like u

                  Palmen aus Plastik

                    i agree with der fuhrer, go for offlaners, and heroes who are built for aggression like timber, BB or Nightstalker. Balanar cant teamfight, so maybe consider Clockwork.

                    Salt and Pepper

                      Ayy thanks. I can somewhat play all of those heroes. I plan of learning dark seer because no one ever gives him love.

                      Palmen aus Plastik

                        About time someone picked the seer. Go for it, you can crush teamfights and laning stage. But highly team dependent hero, so beware of the pitfalls of having a perilous team!


                          Just pick bb like why would you pick dark seer when you can pick bb and fight for like 10min straight without dying


                            Play every role. You are at the start. You need to learn all the heroes, what situation is perferable and what situation you should avoid with them. You will not be able to play proper support, if you can't play core, since a support must think ahead and know what his core needs, before he screams in mic.

                            Also watch some videos on youtube. BSJ-vids are quite nice.


                              Agressive Pos 5!


                                aggressive players perform well in 3/4. find a handfull of roamers and offlaners who fit your playstyle, get the muscle memory going, focus on learning about map awareness

                                Lurking Gorilla

                                  I would recommend spending some time as a support, you'll learn the game better and make better decisions, I spend a month myself as a position 5 where I'd play 4-5 games a night. It gets tiring but it'll benefit you once you transition to a different role. Nowadays I go from pos 3/4/5. I mean I'm not the best of players but I stack most of the time with players better than me so I get a better feel of the game nowadays.

                                  Anyways, if you really like to be aggressive and annoying, I feel Tusk is the way to go. Especially with its recent talents, its a good position 4 hero to play.

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                                    PLAY ALLROLE DEPENDS ON SITUATION sir ,

                                    hi friends

                                      sea player lul

                                      Mr Niceguy

                                        Go afk jungle for 25minutes my brother, buy retard item, dive tower then feed 0-15

                                        Seriously it really common in SEA