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    U get to last hit more monsters than in standard moba per second

    flourishing new leaf


      cool with S4

        r u the spammer type?
        or the best picker?


          i like to swipe and dream of them in shower :P kappa

          cool with S4

            just spam and get laid, take it from me


              cant for 2 reasons:
              1. no matches (i am ugly and stupid)
              2. my wife will not let me

              cool with S4

                pick someone within ur bracket if ur normal skill pick normal skill to highskill
                and for # 2 whut wife? rofl


                  :( sad life, forever no girlfriend...
                  PS did you notice how ugly guys do not fall for ugly girlfriends? well that is me



                    cool with S4

                      well u gotta compromise or get lots of money if you want some vhs grils rofl. or u gonna stay undergrad m8


                        i wanna swipe and masturbate :D

                        cool with S4

                          gg, seems liek we already found a strictly solo mmr player here rolf

                          Jack Attack

                            What is this thread?


                              ^an attempt to avoid reality

                              keel +1

                                Tfw im unknown skill feels bad man

                                flourishing new leaf

                                  Mine just went inactive, it's a pain in the ass to swipe.. Besides, it's like ugh when you start chatting with a girl, like you know why i swiped >.<. Idk, I guess I just can't be bothered, not patient with enough..

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                                  Mr Niceguy

                                    How about the weebs? Do they really interest with 3d girls?


                                      wait, lasthitting a woman would mean they die after you stroke? thats sad, dude. very sad.


                                        How to git VHS on Tinder ?


                                          there is surely some sort of calibration on tinder... and they do install ranking system:


                                            tinder plus > dota plus

                                            swipe right for everyone while searching for dota game -> pick the best ones you match with and unmatch the ugly ones fast as fuck


                                              ^haha, i would never get a match to start with