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    wow, this hero is very good and broken
    u can carry 1v9 games, bery good hero, bery STRONK!

    @tribo is the boy, u were right buddy

    the fact that enemy team was retarded had no impact on the result bois, dont mention it plz

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      trolling aside, he is actually BERY GOOD hero for 1k-2k mmr after i saw how stupid this players are, JESUS

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      déjà vu

        i add you on steam, teach me da wae! senpai!


          im a very good coach, i have very high understanding of dota, hope u have enough money for this beast of a player, kappa


            he's very good if ur enemies don't have a plan when you attack them. 2ks will naturally run away if you come up to them so he's a good chaser for pubstomping nubs


              Hero to destroy noobs. Has to snowball and annoying to play against when he is. Annoying to play when he loses cuz he does nothing.


                have some dignity and play it at least in high skill lobby. Those poor soul will now be forever haunted by the nightmare that you created.


                  i cant choose my lobby man, its supposed to be HS cause i have 3.4k party mmr