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No MMR gain in 2 wins in General Discussion

    Anyone else getting this?

    Assuming it's a bug, but 2 games in a row (yes, ranked i'm not playing random turbos by accident) my MMR has stayed exactly the same. Playing the role assigned. No clue what's happening.

    keep calm

      One of my previous games I also didnt get any mmr. Then I contacted steam customer care and gave them match ID and told them I didnt get any mmr. They insisted that mmr is given, but i didnt get any mmr since I am writing down my mmr gain/loss every single game.
      And after one of my previous games I just got 3 mmr. Fucking 3 mmr? It is not a joke... It is like giving some coins to street beggers, at least I felt like mmr begger lol.

      keep calm

        Valve doesnt pay much lower mmr players.


          In my case, when i win gain +21 mmr but when i lost is -28 mmr thrown in trash.
          This new mmr system was made to empty the game.