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    Kuroky's been so obsessed with it. Thoughts?


      good if your core has stuns. Bad if your core picks something with no stuns. But as a clinkz spammer. The hero is really hard to do well without perma damage snowball. You do 39 base damage. Literally every hero in the game has more starting damage than you. Yes I have searing arrows but compare it to drow ice arrow or viper orb it is garbage.


        Maybe he plays it bec it have good mvm speed to be where needed and ward


          Jak by nie było kuro i nigma szybkie 3 1 więc chyba działa to dość dobrze na scenie pro .


            (Po chuja piszesz po polsku. Zaraz nie będą ludzie widzieli różnicy pomiędzy nami a niedouczonymi ruskimi.)

            Did Kuro play it recently or when his ult was stronger and not based on your dmg ? I cant see how it can be good.

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              He played it yesterday vs team liquid 3 or 4 games straight I guess

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                  I win all my games as clinkz offlane provided my team picks disables on supports. If they do not pick disables then it is an auto loss no matter what I pick.