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General Discussionlol you can drag creep wave at 0 mins now.

lol you can drag creep wave at 0 mins now. in General Discussion
Saving for Raiden Shogun!

    lol what a garbage patch. You can now run toward the first creep wave drag it back to your tower and let it meet with the 2nd creep wave. Instead of playing under enemy tower as teh offlane you be playing under your own tower for pretty much the entire laning phase. Nice patch.

    Also blademail the new farming item buy it sit in a creep wave and watch them die.

    Now if you have dota plus with overwolf you can pretty much always ban out enemy heroes during picks. Since 2 supports pick in phase 1 and safe land and offlane pick in phase 2 you dont have to guess when they will pick and can just pick it and it will be banned out.

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    Delicious Dickau
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      bing bong

        wow thanks time to abuse

        Beast of no Nation

          Thought it says you cant do any cutting / dragging until min 5.
          Am I wrong here ?
          "All lane creeps now avoid hero aggro until they are near enemy creeps, neutrals or within 1550 range of their Tier 1 tower. This active until the siege units spawn at 5 minutes"

          Saving for Raiden Shogun!

            ok so before the first wave will always meet the enemy creeps. There is no way to stop it. Thus making the first 3 mins always at the safe lane tower. But now with the new change as u talked about it is possible to go behind the t1 tower where they usually pull to the small camp and just drag the first creep wave to ur tower. You might have to tank and kite the creeps a bit but you can have it meet with the 2nd wave of creeps just in front of your tower. What happens is your first wave of creeps run into the enemy tower and the enemy carry cant leave or he miss exp and he cant even get any lh as the tower attacks too fast.

            Beast of no Nation

              And they dont deaggro and Run Back If they get Out of that 1,5k range of their Tower?


                is this some elaborate time traveling joke


                  show me, or is this all speculation?

                  Saving for Raiden Shogun!

                    why do i need to show you. Go in a lobby test it for yourself if you dont believe me. Not rocket science you walk behind the enemy t1 tower at 47 secs or 23 secs and they aggro on to you and follow you around. Are you brain dead that you need me to show you something that is plain as day to see?

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                      trilane is back. Carrys dont know matchups. Just put 2 hero in their lane to babysit and dont let enemies cut the waves for free. Also a great help in cs under tower.

                      Saving for Raiden Shogun!

                        dam they patched it just now 1 hour ago. You can no longer pull the first wave of creeps. You can still pull the 2nd wave though

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