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    Hello, I would appreciate if you predict my mmr.


      2.92 kda 57% wr..max 4.2k mmr


        I asked for mmr prediction from verified players, not from some 3k KDA player who play offliner carry, mid-midas-exort-aghs invoker, who think that matches statistic is counted in calibration and not the scenarios.

        mmr donor

          maybe include in ur post that u want comments from VERIFIED PLAYERS?

          Sir Johan

            Divine 4-5.

            DOG 3

              7k if u won all 10 calibration games


                How many fuckin smurfs do you have china actor


                  (his age - 14) * 365 * 24 / 100

                  DOG 3

                    im making acc to sell it later when i dont have money bro


                      using your butthole give u more money and its more enjoyable experience tbh

                      DOG 3

                        T - T


                          Fun game Kowareta B)

                          Upwards to the moon

                            met you so often in the past, china

                            GOD SPEED

                              Can someone predict my mmr or bracket pls i lost my past acc thats why i created new