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General DiscussionIsn't safelane not safelane any more?

Isn't safelane not safelane any more? in General Discussion
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    Offlaners can do what they want with the lane: play aggressive, play defensive, farm, kill...


      safelaners can also do the same depends on the game, safelane has been unsafelane for liek 4 years now tho.


        yeah ever since trilanes stopped being a thing "safelane" is no longer safelane and u should just go to lane with weaker matchup for you




            It's not safelane. But it's not unsafelane either :lick:


              There's only so many games I'll want to build Mask of Madness and retreat into the jungle as soon as I have half of it done. Only good thing about it is that the waves meet near your tower, so you don't gen run down and royally screwed by a Bristle or a Slardar


                safelane isn't safe because most of you don't use pulls properly, and don't use proper creep aggro. Improve your laning and you can win at least 50% of lanes or more. You'd be amazed how many times people are out of position at lower mmr


                  Just focus on denies more than on cs and you have a safe lane. Hit enemy creeps as soon as they drop under 50%. Thats what Ana is doing all the time and get avg 70cs/10 min mark even with Io. Have less creeps than your enemy. You need to get goood at csing under tower though.

                  Lane can F up on first wave when enemy offlaner pulls aggro to get their creeps under your tower, so your lane pushes in - very cheap and godly tactic. You need to reaggro and pull the creeps out of tower range. Or just dont block creeps.

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