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General Discussionmy frien calib 8-2 get -600 pls halp

my frien calib 8-2 get -600 pls halp in General Discussion


    Rozelia O'Lia

      Well the calibration is based on your skill not wins. A year back i lost all games and didnt drop from archon 2... Well now i droped xd

      Tom Hanx
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        Tom Hanx

          ur "friend" or u. u deserve it u weeb. thats what u get for smurfing


            Good day sir, its called "mmr decay". Mmr decay happens when you haven't played for a long time, approximately 5 months+
            I have another 6k mmr acc that got force-recalibrated and got "mmr decayed" despite having 7-3 calib record, I still lost 400 mmr
            I havent used it more than a year so it got "mmr decayed".


              bobo chika blyat you more weeb


                @Feachairu idiot

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                  @Feachairu earn money by asking useless question :lick:

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                  A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                    fea when we playing again, divine here


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