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    can someone explain to me why this is becoming popular ? was there a change to the hero , or is it really broken ? I am curious to try it but don't know if it's good


      hard to challenge the hero in lane with sandstorm damage and a couple of caustic finales applied to creeps insta-nukes the wave. Flash farmer, grab a blink / bots or e-blade if you're feeling spicy. Along with the changes to his aghs shard + the time you can buy it, adds more damage to his amazing kit. There are better mids at the moment notably Storm, Ember or Puck, but SK is still in a good place and can flex mid espcially in an unfavourable matchup.

      braian damaeg

        busted hero who can flash farm like a mother fuker and who can also stack camps even by just merely using sandstorm, you can pop open easily 4 stacked camps with W and E and flash farm either travel dagger or veils dagger or anything really, sky is the limit. Hero is too strong currently at early game


          It's good only when your team end the game before 40 minutes :lick: otherwise the enemy mid will be stronger that your sand creature :axe_laugh: :laugh:


            SK CAN work at mid but not always.
            Some mid heroes counter him hard.
            Sentries/dust too.

            So yes, it can work.


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              I remember about 10 years ago I played dota and a dude went sk mid, rushed travels + blink, and was like 18-0

              never saw sk mid again until recently, so either retards finally realized it's decent, or it's just meta now

              Slim Shady

                ^ bro u r like my rank y u callin other peeps retard bro?

                GOKU FINAL FORM

                  lol nobody realizes this is my shitposting account, check my last game played, I don't play on this account. I only use this for expose match data to post on dotabuff, but your guardian ass can't realize that.

                  True smurfs don't play with expose match data on, dogs use the malware overwolf and I like to play my heroes.



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                        w33 played sk mid on official same as kotl. Thats why

                        She`s Not here Right now

                          if you can sad king mid, might as well go midas kotl mid