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General Discussioncan you recover an account from smurf pool ?

can you recover an account from smurf pool ? in General Discussion

    if you have an account in the smurf pool, can you get it back to normal queue ?

    party players)

      yes u need 800-1k games. i experienced the same on this acc.


        Try to grind more comends,don't chat and stay low
        It will get back to normal matchmaking.


          No. No one commends in the smurf pool, only reports.


            you are not in smurf pool, and, just play party 5, 200 games, job done


              How would this noob know if you're in the smurf pool or not? They're just a player like you and me. There is no way they have insider information about the smurf pool.

              party players)

                You can check his match history and see the players he is playing with. in smurfpool literally everyone is a smurf.

                if you want to see what smurfpool looks like u can check my last ranked games before i disabled match history.