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    The ui change is pretty nice tho. I think it is for the better and I can also finally show off my 5immortals cm set

    Duke Nukem

      gg wp
      ez prophet pushing is back!


        Cant spam lycan again coz the cd is too long PepeHands

        DotA Plus said

          Like the new features tho


            lol most of the heroes i play like enchantress, shadow shaman ,tiny,tinker , shadow fiend got bad side of this patch


              i think its time to start play some other heroes than those that got nerfed lul


       here are my thoughts


                  nice image, i want to use this as my profile background! :)


                    The best thing for me is to modify items while dead.


                      Фух не тронули моего инвокере))))

                      Flying Squirrel

                        I don't get why in the top picture, the dire creeps are attacking their own tower 🤔

                        Wild Forest Daddy

                          ^ They aren't attacking. They're cleaning it. It's a Spring Cleaning update bro :D

                          Flying Squirrel

                            XD that is genius. I didn't notice the tape and the broom.


                              Looking at the trend, very soon nothing will work with illusions. Rip illusions

                              Amygdala Hippocampus

                                ^illusion was meant to be a confusement originally and only Azwraith (PL) and Soul Keeper (Terrorblade) to use them offensively. But since transition to dota 2 and manta introduction, many illusion hero developed later on.

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                                  Windranger? LUL that hero is such a fucking joke

                                  Positive Mental Attitude

                                    blink dagger nerf? i think is bad for a support hero


                                      I will not return unit I see a nerf for AM.


                                        nothing special tbh


                                          Oh nice. Windranger more buff on windrun...perfect. she was already very strong now even better. I m happy.

                                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                            Windranger is not yet where she needs to be, but I understand that they don't want to make her back into the thing she was. Still, the manacost reduction is the kind of buff that benefits her early offlane presence, providing what I expect to be a noticeable increase in the amount of farm she gets. Better chances to get in and out as necessary means she can step up to the wave more often.