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broken mmr & ipk
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    Donald Trump
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        No Pos 4 Tiny?

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        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

          Usually we see a push/pull between Shadow Shaman and Lion talked about but I feel like the differences are less important between Dazzle and Oracle. All that usually matters is who has the better patch notes, and I'd say Dazzle has severe handicaps to overcome to be considered better than Oracle. The fact that he is being picked right now I'd call significantly interesting.


            I hope for ww aghs buff/manacost reduction and her 1.5sec ult talent replaced with something intresting


              I hope Chen gets his sendback back to 3 seconds and persuaded creep health buffed, not set to minimum hp....


                grimstroke's Q needs to be a click and drag....

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                Del Monte

                  Support Axe? Have I been missing something?

                  Yarok the Desecrated

                    Armor is kinda broken. Nice to see Dazzle make a come back.

                    wurm killer

                      I want to see Riki get some nurfs, hero is way to overpowering in the late game unless you have super strong lockdown against him, maybe even a minor nerf to undying. Id be ok with him having bonus strength but either increase the cooldown on decay, increase its mana cost and make it decrease with levels, or reduce the time that your strength is stolen.

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                      what it do babyyyyyyy

                        riki is not even strong brotha

                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                          @wurm killer

                          He JUST got huge nerfs

                          雨 [TWG]

                            nice article. i had an idea for 7.20 and i didn't know where to post it. so...ok, here it is:

                            cheese may be combined with bottle ---> milk (of the poppy?). 3 charges of instant +500 hp/mana (less in total, but with more possibilities). in terms of viability and balance, if it's too powerful, then don't make it instant replenish, but over time like regular bottle; if it's too weak and nobody uses it, maybe make it globally castable, meaning you can replenish one of your teammates from anywhere in the map.
                            That was basically it.
                            i also expected and thought about some new aghs or reworked aghs. maybe if there is follow up, i could share them.


                              Can Enchantress please get an armor buff, or a health spike buff?? She is so weak now in the laning phase that she’s not even viable to pick anymore. She’s a great hero and that post-TI patch really killed her!!


                                riki is still cancerous, they get riki and suddenly the game is 4v5 or even 3v5 because your supports got no items whatsoever because they spent all their money on detection

                                in addition to that your team cant even make moves because everyone is so f* scared thinking who riki is going to jump first because your supports got no items to save you and no matter how many sentries you have he can always jump on you from outside of true sight range

                                and the supports get flamed and reported for not having any items 60 minutes into the game

                                this is not gonna change as long as there is a hero in the game with perma invi, super long distance blink and really high damage potential all at the same time

                                The Myth-

                                  Nicely written


                                    Is it really that bad in South America?
                                    Above 2k nobody here blames supports for not having any items 60 minutes into the game if they spend it reasonably.

                                    Don't Go

                                      son SA is hell


                                        im hope they buff sven. 5 months he is forgotten. 44th pick on public games.
                                        valve hates sven , they only hero they never attention.
                                        this is they way valve buff sven : one buff _ 5 nerf.
                                        i can remember sven had 48 % win rate and 50th pick , then valve changed his ulti , so he could get dmg and strng. then sven got notice by players, then 2 days later they start nerfing sven.
                                        sven buff = ulti also give u strng
                                        and nerfs = (-5 moveseepd ) ( they reduced svens ulti strng ) another time they changed svens ulti strng , from 30 to 10 )
                                        mask of madness attack speed reduced) they changed svens 20% attack speed while he need attack speed then ( storm hammer duration from 2sec changed to 1.6 ) ( after that warcry coldown got 10 second longer ) ( another time warcry coldown increased 5 sec) in total 15 sec . they nerfed attack and return too.

                                        i mean so much nerf for 1 buff.
                                        and funny that they create a new patch only for nerfing solo sven.

                                        but now?
                                        ti18 spectre all games weaver all games also tiny and cm and drow and ... many other heroes picked all games all also in every single pub game, but 3 months they didnt make a real nerf.

                                        but when it comes to sven they nerf him once per day.
                                        valve if you hate sven just remove hero from , why you just keep him underrate?

                                        7 months axe has +53% win rate and 7th pick, where is nerf?
                                        they still keep buffing his battle hunger XD.

                                        im sure thsi will be 7.20
                                        first day : sven dmg increased by 2
                                        second day : sven cleave reduced to 10% _ storm hammer mana cost changed to 500 _ sven movespeed reduced to 220.

                                        ty for keeping fucking sven valve


                                          and what the point of sven agha? sven is they carry, he buy agha to buff sups with dmg?
                                          ti18, sven 4 times picked , 3 loses, and 1 win
                                          the only game sven won was as a dual offlane_roam , if he was carry he could never win, cause sven has no talent to carry a game where all heroes have have to buy bkb and dagger, 2 items wasted , after a few minutes bkb will be 5 sec.

                                          the only chance sven has to kill enenmy is 2 sec stun, if they run you have 0 chance any more. and aeon disk solved that

                                          Relentless Mike 314

                                            They should give sven level 10 +50 move speed, and remove storm hammer dispel enemy and give him god strength avatar


                                              ^^They need to remove the dispel talent, or just make it a part of the normal skill. It's so useless in most situations, but I still see people skill that useless talent to "counter" ghost sceptor, acting as if that's sven's worst enemy (hint, it's not, it's mass blademails in a team fight), even when 30 MS is more preferable almost any day of the week.

                                              The dispel talent is tied with Razor's 4% MS talent as the worst level 15 talent in the game (and pretty much the worst talent) in the game.

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                                                Dazzle from 0 picks and bans at ti8 to 60% wr without buffs

                                                Dmitriy Utkin

                                                  It's embarrassing to see pros finally see enigma's power, so he will be nerfed in 7.20. As for me, Enigma is imbalanced hero, and nobody sees his strength. All say that warlock, or bane, or , venge counter enigma, but I have been playing Enigma for 2 years, and I can say that they are not really big problem for normal enigma ,even rubick...

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                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                    @убийца казахов

                                                    That's a little unfair, there have been a lot of nerfs to other heroes since TI which indirectly helps him be more desireable