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Tony Redgravè

    First :D


      in my opinion luna 4 is much betther than pos 5, you can farm faster and in duos with the popular offline´s heros (beast master,mars,tide) you can crush the enemy hc. I reach inmortal rank playing most of the games luna pos 4 so i can tell you is a great hero in that position.
      in terms of items i go urn + veil of thiscord since you start with Ring of Basilius then i rush aganims scepter for later game refresher orb + aganims shards.


        support luna has been a thing for quite a while now. usually position 4. 5 can work I guess but you still need a bit of gold so that she doesn't become useless late game. It's also incredibly amusing when you get jumped and they don't realise you have your aghs.

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          New hero in 2 days hype


            Support Luna has been around for quite a long time actually. The main problem is that she does not do very well in lane against most other supports.

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                Good post. I tried it and I loved it !!
                Works so good!

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                  I'm not really a Luna expert and haven't clocked in many games as her but does thismake her carry pretty useless, I rarely see her picked as a carry anymore, or can it still be used as like a flex pick in captains mode games, etc


                    When I started to play Luna Support, they mocked and teased me for being so idiot's pick, but what happened today is much contrary to my thoughts. It became a pro scene meta lul

                    Moon Arrow

                      Yeah, as everyone said, pos 4 Luna has been around for quite a while, in fact, in this very patch, they kind of made it a little worse. They were definitely trying to target Carry Luna and make her better vs support.