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    my boy furion about to get nerfed :nervous:

    Пісяти і Спати

      Yeah Nature's Prophet is busted now. He was always underwhelming in damage and skills early because of his global presense and farming potential. Now he is very good early game too.

      Brünk Hüll

        Feel like PA needs a mention too. The increased damage is nothing to scoff at for sure, but that visual indicator is great both mentally and "physically".


          Earthshaker in every Game. Mostly Smurfs..... gg rq


            I'd pick brood here


              Shaker seems quite OP too... PA is just on easy mode these days. They have quietly and slowly given her more and more abilities over the years with Lifesteal and Break etc and now with guarantee on that crazy critical is just plain silly. I'm sure she won't be an issue in TI territory, but we ain't all Topson and Puppey.

              But in the end, the game feels like there are multiple decent picks to be made and the hero pool is not that restricted, so overall it is quite nice, but these outliers need to reigned in a little bit.


                I still think most winrate heroes at my current low mmr 2000-3600 mmr bracket.
                Witch doctor
                Spirit breaker
                Nature prophet
                Phantom assasin
                Naga siren


                  Nerf NP into the GROUND bro, I'm so sick of playing against this hero


                    Aha so you do get Paid

                    No Incoming Chat

                      i hecking love getting sporuted

                      *Fariz72 - i do Quest sorry

                        ES no change LOL

                        *Fariz72 - i do Quest sorry

                          Brood nerfed LOL

                          *Fariz72 - i do Quest sorry

                            Naga buff Ensnare
                            SB not buffed

                            *Fariz72 - i do Quest sorry

                              i mean ES buff is like ur 11 milimeter dick increased to 12 milimeter dick
                              1 cm = 100 milimeter


                                I don't think NP is too strong at all. That is why he is only at 52% win rate across the board. People have easily just bought quelling blade to counter.


                                  buying quelling doesn't counter the dmg sprout does lmfao